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A two day 4 part 17 hour seminar designed to fulfill the education requirements required by:

  • ARRT MRI Structured Educational Content

    • **Candidates for magnetic resonance certification and registration must document at least 16 hours of structured education (ARRT Post Primary MRI Handbook 2017)

  • Oregon Board of Medical Imaging (OBMI)

    • The license application must include documentation of 16 content-related CE hours, confirmation of clinical supervision and clinical practice site, and an education plan submitted by the supervising institution. (OBMI)


Protons to Pixels I

  • MRI Instrumentation

  • Fundamentals of Image Production

  • Artifacts/Quality Control

Protons to Pixels II

  • Imaging Parameters

  • Imaging Options

  • MRI Safety

Protons to Pixels III

  • Pulse Sequences

  • K Space

  • Special Procedures

  • Patient Care

Protons to Pixels IV

  • Procedures - Imaging Anatomy and Pathology

    • Head/Neck

    • Spine

    • Body

    • MSK

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